All Pakistan Oil and Gas employees Federation (APOGEF)



All Pakistan Oil and Gas employees Federation (APOGEF). This federation was formed in 2016 as a result of all oil and gas sector unions mostly are the Collective Bargaining Agent (CBA) in their establishments. It is an independent and non-political organization. The affiliated unions of this federation represent workers  from such varied sectors of the economy as Oil and Gas Development Company (OGDCL), Pakistan State Oil (PSO), Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC)., SHELL Pakistan Limited ,Pak Arab Refinary Co.(PARCO),Pakistan Refinery Ltd, Pakistan Petroleum Ltd.(PPL) and other unions of this sector At the international level, this federation is affiliated with IndustriALL Global Union. The General Secretary is Syed Ejaz Hussain Shah, President Mr. Rashail Alam..




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Declared and Verified Membership of APOGEF

Membership                                      40,192

Background of Unification Process:     The present phase of Globalization of Economy and Rapid Technological Development, the workers had been facing threats of deregulation free labour market and new neo liberalism affecting the fundamental core rights of the workers alike respect of Freedom of Association and collective Bargaining and Social Security and Security of Jobs and aggravating un-employment and rising abject poverty, aggravating unemployment, privatization of national public utilities and deregulation of the Public Sectors as well as existing Irrational in equalities between the rich and poor within the nation and between the nations. Now-with standing that Pakistan has been also being affected by prevalence of outdated Feudal system and Monopoly Capitalist System in the country. Thus there is need to establish an egalitarian society. There is also urgent need to develop skilled labour force through the facilities for Human Resource Development. The above mentioned Economic and Political conditions prevailing in the country require the need of strengthening an independent democratic labour movement in the country not only to defend to promote the economic and social rights of the workers, but also, the political rights of the teeming masses in the country.  All unions had decided to unify and strengthen Trade Union Movement in the country in the year 2014. It established a working party consisting of representative of their major leadership to consider ways and means to unify those Trade Union Centers. After prolonged deliberations and ranging from many years. it culminated in to an unanimous decision to form one organization and amalgamate into a unified organization namely “All Pakistan Oil and Gas employees Federation (APOGEF)” after getting support from the General Bodies of their organization and adopted an agreed constitution.

The Founding Conference of the new unified organization was held on 10th Sept, 2016 in  Karachi which was attended equal number of the delegates numbering 20 from each constituent the  Federations. The General Body adopted the proposed Constitution  approved by the General Body of Trade Unions Centers and held the Election of their office bearers for the next term of four years. This organization has membership of the organized workers numbering 30,192 which represents 40% of the organized work force in the country. The Inaugural session of the workers was also addressed by President and  General  Secretary, , who welcomed this decision and assured the cooperation  for carrying out an effective Social Dialogue for tackling the problems of the workers. The general body passed the various resolutions concerning the World of Work and the future course of action on the following subjects:- Respect of fundamental rights of workers and need for strengthening social democracy  a. Approval of the Constitution and Office Bearers at Various tiers

  1. Beneficial and Sustainable Development

  2. Social Safety Nets

  3. Workers’ Rights

  4. Inflation and Meager Wages

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